How astrology might work

It is difficult to believe that the stars and the planets, which are so far away, may affect our lives, and not many efforts have been made to attempt to find mechanisms whereby astrology could work.

Astronomers are certain that astrology does not work. Their beliefs are based on their findings related to the Universe and the known laws of physics. Astronomical evidence clearly shows that the constellations related to the sun signs are optical illusions due to the enormous distance we are observing the stars from. The truth is the stars theoretically forming the constellations are very distant from each other and have nothing to do with each other. Regarding the planets, there are no known laws of physics that could account for any interference by the planets with human life on Earth. Hence, astronomers have no motivation to carry out studies designed to demonstrate something that is not even theoretically supported.

Astrologers, on the other hand, are not motivated because they are generally only interested in the practical side of things. They see that astrology works in everyday practice and argue that the fact that we do not know who astrology works does not matter. After all, we can drive a car well, not knowing how its motor works.

Does it MATTER?

However, if astrology wishes to be called a science, then it does matter. Here is why:

The studies supporting astrology are based on correlations observed between astrological factors (planetary positions by Gauquelin, sun signs by Sachs) and certain features of people (profession, personality traits).

Correlation does not necessarily imply causation. Here is an absurd example. Imagine an alien species that is sufficiently advanced to be able to observe what happens on the earth from afar, but cannot collect any other kind of information. Add to this that they live on a planet that does not have seasons. In the fall the aliens would observe migratory birds leaving and people putting on heavy jackets. They might think that the birds are flying away to avoid some strange behavior of the human species, because they are lacking information on the factor that is causing both of these events – changes in climate.
This lack of insight might apply to the correlations reported in the studies by Gauquelin and Sachs. This would become less likely if mechanisms whereby astrological factors could affect us were identified.

Have any hypotheses been put forward?

As already said, most astronomers and astrologers are not interested in understanding how astrology might work.
However, there are the few notable exceptions and their hypotheses are summarized below. The hypotheses explain how the planets and their aspects (i.e. interactions) might affect us, as well as the sun signs. In addition, it is worthwhile making a few considerations on how the other key factor of the natal chart that astrologers draw up works – the Ascendant.
If you are aware of further hypotheses, please contact me.