·       Less likely to buy astrological literature than average

·       Leo women are more likely to marry than average

·       Leo men marry Aries women more frequently, but Aquarius women less frequently than average; they divorce Libra women more than average

·       Leo women marry Taurus men less frequently than average and divorce Aries men more frequently than average

·       More likely to apply to study business, law and pharmacy

·       More likely to be an executive, less likely to be a blue-collar worker.  Less likely to be a farmer, tailor, brick-layer, mechanical engineer; more likely to be a painter and a company-owner

·       More likely to be a good driver (fewer car accidents)

·       More likely to be a football player


Are these findings consistent with astrological literature?

YES  People  with their sun in Leo are said to often be entrepreneurs with their own business.  It is believed that they do not to get on well with Taurus

NO  Leo is said to get on well with other Fire signs, like Aries and air signs like Libra and Aquarius