·       More likely to buy astrological literature than average

·       More likely to marry and less likely to remain single than average (but only Pisces men)

·       Pisces men marry Scorpio women more frequently and are more likely to divorce them, too; , but Virgo and Libra women less frequently than average

·       Pisces women marry Scorpio men more frequently than average and Sagittarius men less frequently than average; they divorce Capricorn men less frequently than average

·       More likely to apply to study psychology, less likely to apply to study to be a vet

·       Less likely to be an executive than average.  More likely to be a farmer, carpenter, mechanical engineer, nurse or teacher; less likely to be a baker, painter, bank clerk, hairdresser or chemist

·       More likely to commit suicide than average

·       More likely to deal with drugs, to  drive without a license and to commit a hit-and-run offense; less likely to use drugs

·       More likely to be a good driver (fewer car accidents)

·       Less likely to be a football player


Are these findings consistent with astrological literature?

YES    Pisces, a water sign,is said to get on well with Scorpio, another water sign and with earth signs, such as Capricorn (but not Virgo, because it is diametrically opposite and too different);  it is said not to be compatible with fire signs, such as Sagittarius and with air signs, such as Libra.  Pisces is a sign traditionally associated with the caring professions, such as nursing, and is said to be interested in psychology.   It is also believed to have a basic “death wish” and to be prone to use drugs. 

NO  A day-dreaming sign like Pisces would not be expected to be a good driver.