·         Less likely to marry than average (women)

·       More likely to marry people of the same star sign than average

·       Libra women are more likely to marry Taurus men and less likely to marry Pisces men than average; they divorce Leo men more than average

·       More likely to apply to study at University.  They are more likely to apply to study law and less likely to apply to study dentistry than average

·       Less likely to be self-employed and more likely to be a white / blue collared worker than average.  More likely to be a baker, bricklayer, painter, cabinet maker or hairdresser, less likely to be a farmer, doctor, policeman or teacher

·       Less likely to commit suicide than average

·       More likely to commit theft or to use drugs, less likely to drive without a license

·       More likely to be a football player


Are these findings consistent with astrological literature?

YES   Libra people are said to get on very well with Taurus people because both signs are ruled by  Venus;  on the contrary, they do not get on well with Pisces, a water sign. The symbol of the sign itself is the scales of justice – hence the numerous Libra applicants to study law.  Moreover,  Libra is an artistic sign connected to beauty, so also the occupations of painter and hairdresser fit.  It is also considered to be an optimistic sign i.e. not prone to suicide.

NO Libra is considered to be a sign that needs companionship, so Libra women would be expected to marry more, not less frequently.  Libra and Lçeo are said to be compatible signs (air-fire).