Sacred Geometry and Electron spin

According to David Cochrane, the founder of Vibrational Astrology, recent theories in physics present a number of analogies with astrology.

Space is believed to be much more important than previously thought.  Indeed, it has been established that apparently solid things in reality are made up mostly of space, since the nucleus and electrons of atoms are so far apart.    Things are believed to be extensions of space,  where space makes itself visible.

String theory requires 10 to 11 dimensions and physicists now believe that space has many more dimensions than the 4 dimensions we can perceive (height, depth, width, time).  They have found that inherent, hidden structures of space with geometric patterns in a higher dimensional reality would be a better way to explain the behavior of subatomic particles.  This kind of geometry is called Sacred Geometry

Subatomic particles have three basic properties:  mass, charge and spin.  It is believed that spin forms the sacred geometric structures by generating sequences of numbers.  David Cochrane shows how the Fibonacci numbers and the prime numbers form patterns that are in line with astrological concepts.  In particular, the 12 signs of the zodiac are formed by the distribution of these numbers around a circle.  Of note, 12 is a very important number in string theory, since the sum of all the possible frequencies at which the strings vibrate is equivalent to -1/12.   

These concepts are consistent with vibrational astrology, which reveals the vibrations of consciousness that our brain is attuned to. 

If you are interested in learning more about David Cochrane’s theory, you can listen to videos he has posted on the internet.  Here are the links to the two videos that best describe these concepts

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