"**an archive of evidence-based studies putting astrology under the microscope**"

This website provides summaries and critical reviews of a large amount of research on astrology
written by a group of experts well versed in both astrology and the scientific
method.  They have put all the studies
under the microscope of science and have invariably found them wanting.  Indeed, most of the material that they have
reviewed was modest and of low quality

They state their case in a 2013 overview published online.  There also was a related book “Astrology under Scrutiny”, which is no longer available.  The overview basically shows that there are numerous studies that have failed provide evidence supporting traditional teachings of Western astrology and do not measure up when they are assessed according to the scientific method. It also provides explanations for the fact that astrology often does seem to work in practice (“Hidden persuaders”) and explains its endurance and widespread popularity by pointing out that it provides easily accessible psychotherapy.  . 

Notwithstanding the publication of what appeared to be definitive negative conclusions in 2013, the group has continued to review astrological publications up to April 2020 and is finalizing a book  “Understanding Astrology” that contains new  material.   Here is their description of the contents of the book:

Today there are new tests, new approaches, new data, and a thousand new studies, all of them described in this new book containing information not available elsewhere -- not in astrology books, not in science books, not even on this website. With more than 600,000 words, 1500 visuals, 2000 references, and a concise style free of waffle, it is a unique key resource for anyone curious about astrology”. 

The book was to be published in July 2021.