·         Less likely to get married (men only), but women are less likely to be single

·       More likely to marry people of the same star sign than average

·       Capricorn men are less likely to divorce Pisces women than average

·       Less likely to apply to study at University; in particular, less likely to study business management

·       More likely to be white/blue collar worker; more likely to be a farmer, gardener, carpenter, bricklayer or mechanical engineer

·       More likely to deal in drugs and less likely to commit embezzlement


Are these findings consistent with astrological literature?

YES    People belonging to this star sign are said to need security; this could explain the propensity to marry of Capricorn women.  Pisces, a water sign, is said to be suitable for Capricorn

NO   The propensity of Capricorn men not to marry is inconsistent with the need for security that this sign is said to be associated with. 
Business management is the typical occupation of Capricorn people.