Performance of astrologers

To date,  I am aware of only three published studies that were carried out

in double-blind conditions – a prerequisite for good quality data accepted by the scientific community.


Double-blind =  neither the test subjects nor the researchers knew which document(s) corresponded to each subject.  The documents were anonymized by a third party and bore a code that enabled their subsequent identification for interpretation purposes.


 The three studies are:

     Carlson S Nature vol 318; Dec 5, 1985 – No 1

     Carlson S Nature vol 318; Dec 5, 1985 – No 2

     McGrew&McFall  J Scient Exploration vol 4 no 1 -1990

Of note, several blinded studies on the performance of astrologers were carried out earlier and never published.  The first ones by the psychologist Vernon Clark were successful, but subsequent studies provided conflicting results.  A review of these trials, together with a meta-analysis pooling results, was carried out by Geoffrey Dean, one of the authors contributing to Astrology and Science