·       More likely to buy astrological literature than average

·       Cancer men marry Aries women less frequently than average

·       Cancer women are more likely to marry in general and remain married to Taurus men more than average

·       More likely to apply for studying at University than average.   More likely to apply to study architecture and dentistry, less likely to apply to study biology

·       More likely to be an executive, less likely to be a blue-collar worker.  Less likely to be a farmer, brick-layer, mechanical engineer; more likely to be a social worker, teacher

·       More likely to commit suicide than average

·       Less likely to commit forgery or deal in drugs

·       Less likely to be a football player


Are these findings consistent with astrological literature?

YES  Family is a priority for Cancer people and Cancer, a Water sign, is said to be compatible with earth signs, such as Taurus, but not with Fire signs, such as Aries.  Typical occupations involve are the caring professions, such as social worker.  Cancer people are considered to have a tendency towards depression.  Not a sporty sign

NO  One of the typical occupations of Cancer is in agriculture.