Vibrational Astrology

Vibrational Astrology  is a novel school of astrology that has introduced a revolutionary concept: 

the keys to interpretation are the reciprocal positions of the planets (mid-point structures and both minor and major aspects) and the use of harmonic charts.    These factors were already known in astrology, but they took a backseat to the position of planets in zodiac signs and houses;   moreover, many astrologers felt that they were a complication that did not add much to the interpretation of natal charts and therefore they had fallen into disuse.

Interestingly, the teachings of this novel School of Astrology  do  not date back to antiquity and are not shrouded by the mists of time as other astrological systems are, such as Western Astrology and Vedic Astrology.  They derive from empirical observationsreported in the last few decades and are currently being tested.  The founder, David Cochrane,  is fully conversant with the scientific method and has posted many videos designed to teach astrologers to carry out meaningful research in astrology.  Research is presented at  the Annual Vibrational Astrology Conference

A working knowledge of Vibrational Astrology is required in order to understand the scientific findings of Vibrational Astrologers so far.