Planets and the magnetic field

Percy Seymour, astronomer:  from against to pro astrology

Dr. Percy Seymour was one of Britain’s leading astronomers:  he was principal lecturer in astronomy and astrophysics, as well as Director of the Planetarium, at Plymouth University, and researcher at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich. 

In 1984 he was interviewed by the BBC about his opinions on astrology and provided the orthodox arguments against astrology.  The interviewer mentioned the works of Gauquelin and made him curious, so he decided to read Gauquelin’s books.  He came to the conclusion that there was scientific evidence supporting astrology and began questioning his orthodox view.  He corresponded with Gauquelin and became aware that sunspots had been put forth as a potential link between extraterrestrial events and biological life on Earth.  This was the starting point for his quest for a causal mechanism for Gauquelin’s findings, which he reports in his book “Astrology.  The evidence of science” 

Sunspots, the solar wind and the magnetosphere of the Earth

It is well known than the Earth has a magnetic field.  It is what makes compasses work, pointing  North.

Astronomers have ascertained that the sun has magnetic activity that undergoes an 11-year cycle.  The extent of the sun’s magnetic activity is measured in terms of variations in the number of observed sunspots on the solar surface.  Sunspots are darker that the rest of the solar surface,  because their temperature is lower on account of concentrations of magnetic fieldflux that prevents convection i.e. the transfer of heat. 

The solar wind is a stream of charged particles released from the Sun.  When the solar wind intersects with a planet that has a well-developed magnetic field, such as the Earth, the particles are deflected, so that they travel around the planet rather than bombarding its surface (see illustration).   The region where the deflection occurs is called the magnetosphere and is like a virtual hemisphere on the side of the Earth facing the Sun.  The solar wind is responsible for the overall shape of Earth's magnetosphere. Fluctuations in its speed, density, direction, and magnetic activity strongly affect Earth's local space environment.


Modulation of the
magnetic field by the planets and the role of resonance

Dr Seymour believed that human brain development may be affected by the Earth's magnetic field, especially during growth in the womb, where it is shielded from all sensory stimulation.  In his books Astrology The evidence of Science and, The Scientific Proof of Astrology, he suggests that the relative position and movement of the planets as seen from the Sun play a role in the solar cycle, thus affecting the Earth’s magnetic field. 

He wrote at the end of the Book The Scientific Proof of Astrology:

What my theory does is to propose an interpretation, based on this evidence, which can be scientifically tested.  Very briefly the steps are:

1)     Planets affect the solar cycle in specific ways

2)     The solar cycle affects the geomagnetic field

3)     The geomagnetic field affects life on Earth in certain observed ways

4)     Specifically, many species, including man, can be influenced by particular states of the geomagnetic field

5)     These particular influences appear to correlated with planet positions

6)     I propose that the behavior of the fetus at the time of birth is linked to cycles within the geomagnetic field, which in turn are influenced by the solar cycle and positions of the planets; Resonance* is the phenomenon by which the fetus is phase locked to specific cycles

To put this in more specific terms, my theory proposes that the planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune control the direction of the convective motions within the Sun, which generate the solar magnetic field.  They do so because they play the major role in moving the Sun about the common center of mass of the Solar System.  As the solar cycle builds up to maximum, so certain configurations of all the planets, at different stages, play a part in disrupting the magnetic field of the sun, by means of the tidal tug (due to gravitation) of the planets on the hot gases in the Sun.

Thus, the planets play a role in the modulation of Earth’s magnetic field by the solar wind.  I am also proposing that the tidal tug of the planets on the hot gases trapped in our magnetosphere will, because of resonance, lock some of the vibrations of the Earth’s field in step with planetary movements.  The resulting fluctuations of Earth’s field are picked up by the nervous system of the fetus, which acts like an antenna, and these synchronize the internal biological clocks of the fetus, which control the moment of birth.  The tuning of the fetal magnetic antenna is carried out by the genes which it inherits, and these to some extent will determine its basic genetically inherited personality characteristics.  Thus, the positions of the planets at birth are not altering what we have inherited genetically, but are labeling our basic inherited personality characteristics”. 

*Resonance describes the phenomenon of increased amplitude that occurs when the frequency of a periodically applied force is equal or close to a natural frequency of the system on which it acts. 

At this link you can hear Dr Seymour expounding his theory himself:

This theory today

 Dr. Seymour presented his theory in his first book Astrology – The evidence of science, which was published in 1988.  The last version of his second book, The Scientific Proof of Astrology in which it was developed further, was published in 2004. 

Since then, two developments in science have given credence to his theory:

  • 1)     German astronomers have provided further evidence supporting the fact that tidal forces of the planets influence the sun cycle (see:  Planetary Orbits May Explain Mystery of Sun's 11-Year Cycle | Space
  • 2)    Scientists have begun to seriously address the issue of what may be the biggest mystery of all, namely what consciousness is., and have come up with an alternative to the prevailing scientific theory of consciousness in the XX century i.e. that it is a side effect of neuronal activity in the brain.  The alternative is that consciousness in all its modes (e.g. thinking, dreaming, remembering, etc.) operates mainly through the modulation of multidimensional electromagnetic energy fields  This would explain how our experiences could be impacted by changes in the Earth’s magnetic field:  when the changes are in tune with our magnetic pattern of consciousness we would experience an easy flow of events, whereas if it was not in tune and caused interference with our magnetic pattern of consciousness we would experience difficulties.

An interesting book to read on theories leading to the conclusion that the electromagnetic field is the physical substrate of consciousness in living beings is The electromagnetic Brain -  EM Field Theories of  the Nature of Consciousness by Shelli Renèe Joye.