·       Less likely to buy astrological literature than average

·       More likely to marry than average (women only)

·       More likely to marry people of the same star sign than average

·       More likely to marry people of the same star sign

·       Taurus men are more likely to marry Libra women and less likely to marry Gemini and Leo women than average, Taurus women are less likely to marry Aquarius men than average

·       Taurus men are less likely to divorce Cancer women than average

·       More likely to apply for studying at University than average.   When they do, they are more likely to apply to study psychology and less likely to apply to study law than average

·       Less likely to be a white/blue-collar worker than average.  More likely to be an architect, doctor or teacher, less likely to be a farmer, baker, carpenter or bricklayer

·       More likely to commit suicide than average

·       More likely to commit embezzlement and less likely to commit theft than average

·       Good driver (fewer accidents than average)

·       Less likely to be a football player


Are these findings consistent with astrological literature?

YES  Taurus is said to be a practical, material sign, so it would be less interested in astrology than other signs.  Taurus seeks security – hence the propensity for Taurus women to marry. Taurus is an Earth sign and, as such, is seen to be more suitable for Water signs or other Earth signs; therefore less marriages to Air signs (Gemini and Aquarius) and to a Fire sign (Leo) and more stable marriages to a Water sign (Cancer) are consistent findings; Libra, an Air sign, is an exception, because it is ruled by Venus like Taurus and is therefore considered compatible.  Taurus is a cautious sign, so the fewer car accidents are also consistent and so is the finding of a propensity to suicide (“depressive tendencies”) and fewer football players, since Taurus is considered to be a lazy, non-sporty sign.

NO   Psychology is not a typical Taurus pursuit.  Architecture is a typical Taurus profession, but not the others, whereas a typical Taurus profession – baker – was less common among Taurus people.  Taurus tends to hold onto things so embezzlement could be considered to be consistent, but then theft would be, too.